Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Catch Adhesif Clothing at These Upcoming July Events!

Celebrate! The Vancouver Summer Market

July 21st-24th at the Jack Poole Plaza
(Just west of the Vancouver Convention Centre by the Olympic Cauldron)

Thursday 11am-6pm
Friday 10am-6pm
Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 10am-5pm

The Craft Council of British Columbia is pleased to announce the 4th annual summer market at Vancouver's beautiful downtown waterfront. 

We kick off the summer with our first multiple day artisan fair!
We will be bringing a beautiful new selection of designs from our Spring-Summer 2016 collection as well as some other popular upcycled favorites

(Across from the Tap and Barrel)

Next up!

Filberg Festival

July 29th - August 1st 

Celebrating the best of music, arts, craft and culture from across Canada!

Comox, British Columbia
Vancouver Island

Find Adhesif Clothing at this GORGEOUS 4 day outdoor festival at the Filberg Heritage Park and Lodge.
We will be featuring new one-of-a-kind upcycled designs from our SS16 Collection as well as a selection of early fall transitional designs.

Adhesif Clothing will be corner booth #46 by the front entrance/exit

Thursday, June 30, 2016

No Rhyme? No Reason! (In other words don't think...just DO!)

You know it's pretty funny...this thing called life...

Before I started Adhesif Clothing I used to do a lot of creative writing. In fact I have a dozen or more books of unpublished handwritten poetry I did in what feels like another lifetime ago.

Actually I always wanted to publish those books and went as far as creating my own hand drawn business card with "Poet" as my title...pretty badass I thought. 
I even staged my very own poetry reading (my only poetry reading) at The Flower Factory on Main Street in Vancouver like over a decade ago now...

I spent years "exploring my creative side"...painting, drawing, writing, making dioramas. Until finally experimenting with textiles and fashion just "stuck"...thus the name Adhesif :-) No pun intended!

Ok...let's fast forward to present time...before I start my nostalgic ramblings about the road less travelled and how I got from small humble beginnings to the ominous established upcycled brand Adhesif Clothing has become today (cough)

(p.s: don't grow up it's trap!)
Above photo courtesy of Jennifer Picard

So...funny enough...I did end up becoming a published writer!
But it didn't happen the way I tried going about as a poet or creative writer, it happened while taking a completely different creative route as a fashion designer and stylist!

Luckily enough, I've not only had the great opportunity to have worked with some really spectacular creative teams both in Canada & Europe 
I've also had the last four of Adhesif Clothing's seasonal collections published in the US publication Belle Armoire as well as one other creative photoshoot.

All  wardrobe designs, creative direction/styling as well as the articles were written by designer Melissa Ferreira of Adhesif Clothing.

Belle Armoire - Spring Summer 2016

Photography - Patryk Widejko
Model - Nadine Joelle  
MUA - Neetu Sahota

Belle Armoire - Creative Shoot 2015

Article & Photography - Daniel Mark
Model - Dana Truhar
MUA - Vanessa Kuan

Belle Armoire Fall-Winter 2015

Photography - Thomas Ruppel
Model - Pipa Peschi
MUA - Christine Raab

Belle Armoire Spring-Summer 2015

Photography - Jennifer Picard
Model - Emily Marshall

 Belle Armoire Fall-Winter 2014

Photography - Thomas Ruppel
Model - Nathalie Reitz
MUA+Hair - Elena Thul

But that's not no no

We got some pretty exciting news coming up to tell you all about!

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Monday, May 30, 2016

Adhesif Clothing + Main Street Car Free Day on June 19th!

Free of charge. Free of boring corporate stuff. Free of cars
That's Car Free Day's moto...

I'm thinking, really, what could be better than that??

If you've never been to the Car Free Day celebration, I would highly reccommend checking it out in a few weeks!
Car Free Day makes up for one of if not THE biggest street party ever held in some major neighborhoods in Vancouver. 
On Main street the footprint is a massive 21 blocks with many awesome things to do and see! Look for mini-festivals, community-supported stages with dozens of bands, multiple kids zones, three giant artisan markets and more! 

Check out Car Free's website for more details

This will be our 4th year participating with the Canvas Handmade group between 22nd-23rd Ave so be sure to come by and check us out because this is the only event 
(aside from the Annual Nifty for Fifty Sale) 
where you will find us selling a SUPER SWEET selection of vintage reworks and other stylish gently worn fashion items.

The festival this year is Sunday, June 19th from  Noon to 7pm 
from Broadway to 30th on Main Street. 
Rain or shine!

Look for the our colorful upcycled bunting in the Adhesif Clothing tent
GREEN + YELLOW BALLOONS  lining 22nd - 23rd Ave on Main Street

Hope to see you there! xo

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Style is the Adhesif of Self Expression

I remember when I first started Adhesif Clothing over a decade ago, the term “Up cycling” didn’t even exist yet. In fact it was such an obscure concept that I would often get comments like “why should I be paying for something made out of used materials” which I of course had a multitude of reason for.

The fact is, up cycling is a REAL art form and a very challenging way to design. Every garment presents its own challenge when you are working with limited resources/materials. Each garment is tediously handmade using vintage fabric combinations and made with up to 95% reclaimed materials. Being a part of the Slow Fashion movement means our philosophy is quality over quantity. 

I create two seasonal collections annually, Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Because there is still nothing in my life that beats the real deal. All current fashion trends created for my eco-friendly, line are mainly inspired by vintage fashions. Aside from quality and craftsmanship, you can’t deny the originality of the styles from yesteryear.

Over the years, quality second hand materials are becoming a challenge to source (due to low quality manufactured materials on the market) I’m constantly trying to refine my collections based on quality hand sourced reclaimed textiles. Using repurposed materials is a sustainable and eco-friendly method of clothing production, it also gives every item of Adhesif Clothing unique one of a kind characteristics that aren’t possible to achieve in mass-produced clothing. 

For Spring-Summer 2016, I created several relaxed, one-size designs including the Kickback Kimono, Petal Blouse, Canopy Tank & Meadow Dress... 

Kickback Kimono - Adhesif Clothing SS16 Collection 
To keep things light and airy and to follow suite to Adhesif Clothing’s Eclectic, whimsical, and original concept we used materials like vintage scarves (as seen in the sleeves of the Kickback Kimono and parts of the body of the Petal Blouse) and floral printed stretch lace alongside 1970’s floral prints as seen in the Meadow Dress & Niagara Dress designs.

Petal Blouse -  Adhesif Clothing SS16 Collection

Niagara Dress  - Adhesif Clothing SS16 Collection
 Canopy Tank - Adhesif Clothing SS16 Collection
Meadow Dress - Adhesif Clothing SS16 Collection

Style is the Adhesif of self expression. Whatever your style is remember with slow fashion, you don’t need to sacrifice looking great for feeling good.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The 9th Annual Nifty for Fifty Sale

The 9th Annual Nifty for Fifty Sale

30 local designers and artists will gather under one roof for the 9th annual Nifty for Fifty shopping sale happening Sunday April 10th 2016 from 11am-8pm at Heritage Hall (3102 Main Street)

Find everything from accessories to clothing, home decore and trinkets, all for $50 or less. Just in time to revamp that Spring wardrobe!

“Nifty for Fifty started out as a glorified art and design garage sale,” says
event producer and Adhesif Clothing designer Melissa Ferreira. “It started with only a few designers and now it’s like Boxing Day in April!”

Scour the racks for great finds by Vancouver’s finest indie designers and artsists,
including Adhesif Clothing, Allison Wonderland, Nomad by Elroy Apparel,  Bronsino, KDON,  Toodlebunny, Daub+Design, Flightpath Designs, WE3 Designs and so many more!

Here's a wee sample of a few of the designers we'll have in store for the upcoming sale...

Adhesif Clothing

Allison Wonderland



BillyWould Designs

Blackbird Design Studio

Floating Gold Iceberg

Sarah Mulder Jewelry

Nomad by Elroy

Karmala Designs

Irit Sorokin 

Whisper Jewels


Flight Path Designs

DeviArts Collective

“This sale is unlike any other in town, and it only happens once a year,” warns Melissa. “So if you want to get your hands on the really good stuff, be early!”

With something for everyone, come down with a gaggle of girlfriends  Make sure you break open the piggy bank beforehand because many vendors will only be accepting cash. 
Admission for entrance is $2 at the door and children 12 and under are free.

We have partnered up with the Georgia Straight this year for a prize giveaway 
Enter for a chance to win a Quartz Crystal Necklaces by one of our participating vendors She' So

Just follow the link below for information on this chance to win this gorgeous necklace above! 

Also be sure to check out the Nifty for Fifty sale website & our social media links to keep up with daily updates right up until the event on Sunday April 10th
Hope to see you all there!