Monday, December 9, 2013

Shiny Fuzzy Muddy Celebrates 10 Years!

Shiny Fuzzy Wha? Hahaha...this is the response I get every time I speak about this quirky named art market to people I meet and it always makes me smile because it gives me the opportunity to introduce the meaning behind this amazing (non)holiday art market!

Let's start from the beginning shall we?
Shiny Fuzzy Muddy was founded in 2003 by Kari Woo of Kari Woo Contemporary Art Jewelry

                                          Laura McKibbon of Cul De Sac Designs  (below)                                                                   

Janna Hurtzig of Astrosatchel Design

                                                       Arleigh Wood of Arleigh Wood Art 

                                                   ...and Frances Dickinson of Frances Felt

Shiny Fuzzy Muddy formed in 2003 to collaborate in creating events that bring their art to the people. The driving force and vision behind the non-profit collective comes from the group’s five core members (as mentioned above) Initially drawn to each other’s aesthetic sensibilities, they found great support and inspiration in their collaboration and so it has lived on ever since!

Let me just interject the history of SFM for a moment here and give great applause to the greatly talented and dynamic group of women who are the founders of Shiny Fuzzy Muddy for their 10 YEAR anniversary! This ladies, is a landmark truly worth recognizing and being SUPER proud of! :)

SHINYFUZZYMUDDY is presented by these 5 founders and it takes place the second weekend in December at Heritage Hall. With an effort made to seek out new artists, up to twenty guests are invited to exhibit and sell their work at this historic Main St. location. The common thread that ties the work together is the high quality of design, craftsmanship and material sensibility.
Adhesif Clothing was also founded in 2003. The exact same year Shiny Fuzzy Muddy was created so I too share in the triumph of land marking a decade and am SO PROUD to be a part of  a well curated local event filled with such dynamic talent! This will be Adhesif Clothing's 3rd year in participation at Shiny Fuzzy Muddy and we couldn't be more excited for this weekend’s event!!!

In celebration for this upcoming event, Adhesif Clothing has been busy busy creating a multitude of what we affectionately refer to as our "Warm Fuzzies" :)

A selection of our ever popular reworked and up-cycled cardigans, sweaters and sweater dresses can be found at the Shiny Fuzzy Muddy show this weekend. They will keep you nice and toasty, sure to put a smile on your face and your loved ones this holiday season! We will also have brand new designs from our Fall-Winter 2013 Collection. 

Shiny Fuzzy Muddy is about seeking out new artists, so there are new vendors to see every year! This year up to twenty guests are invited to exhibit and sell their work at this historic Main St. location. The common thread that ties the work together is the high quality of design, craftsmanship and material sensibility.
You say your already starting to feel the gnawing effects of Christmas music being played incisively over the last few months?? Well fret no more weary holiday shopper! Shiny Fuzzy Muddy totes understands your dilemma!  

To make everything feel as funky as humanly possible, Shiny Fuzzy Muddy will be playing the godfather of soul's a Funky Christmas album on repeat ALL WEEKEND LONG!!

Ok ok ok...they won't be doing that either but come on! 
That WOULD be pretty darn SWEET don't you think???

Created as an antidote to large-scale craft fairs, they aim to present a pleasant shopping (and selling!) atmosphere. With a long standing tradition of free admission and a decided lack of holiday music, patrons can be sure to find meaningful objects in the most pleasant of shopping environments.
(...but secretly I'm still totally into FUNKY CHRISTMAS!! YES!)

For more info on Shiny Fuzzy Muddy and the FANTABULOUS line up of artists happening this WEEKEND! Visit the SFM website for more info and check out their super cool video below!

Shiny Fuzzy Muddy 2013
Saturday December 14th {11am–9pm}
Sunday December 15th {10am–7pm}
A finely curated collection of work that is complementary and stimulating for us and for our visitors!
Heritage Hall
3102 Main Street,Vancouver, BC

Monday, September 30, 2013

Selection Galore When Shopping Local Makers

We recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by the Georgia Straight in their "Best of Vancouver" edition, talking style and a bit about the who and what we love in Vancouver and the handmade scene...

It was such a nice opportunity to talk about the fashionable people & hotspots in Vancouver we're crushing on but it was really hard to decide with there being such a huge amount of talent to choose from in our own backyard. To see more about this article follow link below...

In the Adhesif Clothing shop, for example, we not only carry our own in house label of original, upcycled pieces but we also carry the work of over 30 other local designers. One of the designers we promoted in the Georgia Straight article is also one of our best selling  jewelery makers...

Sweet Harriet (above) uses vintage and antique components (i.e: her vintage lockets are the most popular in the Adhesif Clothing shop) comprised of whimsy. A special stylistic finish is then applied like patina, or hand painted details as well as vintage imagery coated in resin for a long lasting quality.

In fact many of our other jewelery makers are using vintage & found objects to create their handmade treasures. Designers like Bueno Style and Type B  create pieces that have a heartbeat & tell a story...

(Above Bueno Style) 

(Above Type B)

Ok, so to be fair now that Fall is totally upon us and we're still dealing with the big "F-word" after a long lovely summer here in Vancouver...I have to remind you the the holiday season is fast approaching us...
(Duuuhn duhn DUhhhhN)

Hey hey hey! I know what you're thinking! Don't worry! We got all your trinkity gift giving needs covered here at Adhesif Clothing that won't break the bank. All of our handmade jewelry, for example is priced under $40 and our beautiful one-of-a-kind accessories start at as low as $10, like the Type B studs above and mini leather coin purses $16 by Patina below...

...and gorgeous art calendars by April Lacheur of Yapes Paints for only $20 (below)

Art books & select prints by Nicholas Tay $20 (below)...

We also have some wonderful designs by my FAVE Montreal designers Cokluch (they are our only out of town designers) Laurie & Christine are the fab duo behind Cokluch producing edgy yet very polished designs. The kind of vibe that oozes from every corner of Montreal...

Select designs by Cokluch found at the Adhesif Clothing Shop and we are the only suppliers of this brand in Vancouver currently.

There is also the refined leather work of Bronsino Designs by Vancouver designer Denise Wilson. Her leather, wrap obi belts are by far our best selling accessory in the Adhesif Clothing shop. Made from high quality, buttery, Italian leather like lambskin, goatskin and calfskin and drool worthy colors. With 4 different styles to choose from it's no wonder we re-stock weekly...

Bronsino's multifunctional "Prague Bag" available in both new and reclaimed leathers, very limited edition pieces available.

Just and FYI for all the lads in your your sweetypie, pops or hubby can have something extra special too this holiday season! Adhesif Clothing has men's design for you this Fall-Winter, but hurry, quantities are very limited...

 With so much to show and tell here from the Adhesif Clothing shop and so little time we would highly recommend a visit in person at our flagship location 2202 Main Street (corner of 6th Ave). 
I always joke with my clients how our shop is like a vortex of time...everytime your turn around you see something different. There are litterally hundreds of one-of-a-kind treasure to be found and all from your own backyard!
Ahhhh the beauty of handmade :)

Visit our newly redesigned website below for more info on our current and upcoming collections

Also don't forget to catch Adhesif Clothing at these fun and FABULOUS upcoming holiday markets with even more to choose from!

Thanks for supporting local and the handmade revolution!
Hope to see you there xo

Circle Craft Christmas Market 2013
November 7th to November 11th
Wed – Fri {10am–9pm}, Sat {10am–7pm}, Sun {10am–5pm}
Vancouver Convention Center West
1055 Canada Place,Vancouver, BC  V6C 0C3

Make It – Edmonton 2013
@ The Enjoy Centre
101 Riel Drive. St.Albert
Alberta’s independent art, fashion & craft extravaganza is back for 4 days! Mark your calendar!
Thursday, November 21
10am to 9pm
Friday, November 22
10am to 9pm
Saturday, November 23
10am to 6pm
Sunday, November 24
11am to 5pm

Shiny Fuzzy Muddy 2013
Saturday December 14th {11am–9pm}
Sunday December 15th {10am–7pm}
A finely curated collection of work that is complementary and stimulating for us and for our visitors!
Heritage Hall
3102 Main Street,Vancouver, BC

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Adhesif Clothing Swings into the Roaring 20`s

The designers job in never finished!
We`re always at least a season ahead of the season we`re in.
With that being said even though it`s summer we are neck deep in fall & winter production.

Every season we create a brand new collection that usually consists of 8-12 new designs. Our new Fall-Winter 2013 collection is already getting huge applause from our fans...


This season even the boys in your life can get their paws on select designs found in our shop and upcoming  holiday markets like the `Django Pistols Jacket`above which is a reworked piece consisting of a vintage plaid flannel and denim sleeves.

This season see`s a collection with a little bit of punk and a little bit of a 1920`s vibe.
Edgy but chic as seen in the pieces like 
the `Janedoll Sweater`& `Jazzbell Jacket` below...

Now just like any other artist I`m usually never satisfied with what I create and am constantly seeing ways to improve my designs...but this particular season makes me feel alright. 
The collection is inspired by the roaring twenties, a line reminiscent of Les AnnĂ©es Folles. It was a decade of jazz, prosperity, and redefined womanhood - Especially designs like the `Ritzgerald Dress`my personal fave from this season...

The `Ritzgerald Dress`is a shift dress made from a plush stretch velvet. There`s pockets, an elasticized waist, the cutest puff sleeves and the most darling hand crocheted vintage doily in the collar.
Practical, functional and without sacrificing flare!

Ladies who lunch will love the Mrs. Grundy Dress & made from reclaimed suiting and a forgiving stretch cotton/lyrca on the back and sleeves as (seen above).
As well as the Gam`s & Gladrags high waist suit pants.
Dress the pants up or down depending on what you pair the pieces with. 
I for one like to put a spin on a polished piece by throwing on my fave beat up, 
vintage rock shirt for a street chic vibe (seen below)
The stretch High Hat Turban...sure to add some serious style points to any outfit!

Men will love the `Dag Daddy Blazer`& the `Hammersmith Hoody`! They will be all like `Dag son...that`s one fresh jacket`...

Aaaaand then when you take off your jacket you`ll be wearing the `Dapper Dan Sweater`and your friends will be all like SNAP...those threads be jivin!`d be the bee`s knees...the cat`s meow, the talk of the catch my drift 

Last but not least my 2 best sellers currently.
The Circle Blouse with a vintage doily in the collar and the `Ravish Ramone Blouse. Both drapey blouses with a shawl like look. A one size piece that`s looks flattering no matter what your body shape...

The `Ravish Ramone`Blouse...

So jump, jive, and wail into the glamour of the 1920's, modernized with a twist of punk, courtesy of Adhesif Clothing's Fall/Winter 2013 collection, made from opulent, up-cycled materials like stretch velvet, lace, and hand crocheted vintage doilies.
Check out video footage of our Fall-Winter 2013 Collection on the runway of Vancouver Eco Fashion week below...
The Adhesif Clothing flagship store is located at 
2202 Main Street in Vancouver, BC.
The select pieces are also available at boutiques across North America 
and online at 

This November & December you can find Adhesif at these  holiday markets; 
-Circle Craft
-Shiny Fuzzy Muddy 
-Make It in Edmonton 

For more information on events and collections, visit our website at

Photography by Jennifer Picard